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there has been trends in India about #PyaarekDhokhahai and there has been another trends in United states about #AnnoySquidwardDay. if you guys don’t know that there has been lots of days after the valentines day like breakup day and slap day and so on. This Slap day comes after Valentines day i.e. 15 th February and is known as Slap day.

If you are someone who is turned off by the ideas of love, romance and PDA, then this might be just what you needed. And it needn’t be looked at negatively. see, many people believes love is trash, bitches and jerks need cash. Generally, this day is considered as the bad day and is taken as seriously. We should not consider Happy slap day as bad day as it has its own significance.

Happy Slap Day Meme Images

If we want to teach anybody the lesson but we cannot do it then, the best day for such a purpose is happy slap day Wishes. On this day, we can remove our frustrations by giving the slap. In some situations, to give slap is impossible for us. In such a situation, we can make the person to whom we want to teach the lesson, realize that he has done so much wrong with us, through our conversation by Slap Day Messages 2018. So this is the best collection for slap day for girlfriend/boyfriend.

Today, there is a trend to celebrate Valentine week. Our Valentine on this day is very important for us. In this Valentine’s day we use to get the chance to love so much, make promises and exchange gifts along with to give kisses but there is another day for showing anger, to reform our mistakes, to teach the lesson to anybody and to end the relationship.

good morning all sweet and dear friends  if some one u dont like n dont want in your life today is best day fir make out of your life  today is slap day so do it and make free your self.

A very Happy Slap Day To all The
If you are allowed to slap anyone
today thn whom will you choose
to slap?

Jab Ap hamse rooth jaoge; Jab aap hamse khafa hojaoge
Jab aap hamein bhool jaoge
Tab Aisa Thappar marungi ki sab yaad aajayega!
Happy Slap Day!”

Annoy Squidward day MEME 15th feb 2018


If you’re SpongeBob fan then you must knew today is Annoy Squidward Day Celebration date. even famous troll agency 9gag has shared this epic event on their instagram timeline. checkout the link below.

“Hey Squidward
Hey Squidward”
Squidward “what?”
Sponge bob “Guess what day it is”
Squidward “is it annoy Squidward day?”
Sponge bob “no that’s on the 15”

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