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as we all know,Earth Day is celebrated every year on the 22nd of April. In 1970, a senator from Wisconsin, USA, Gaylord Nelson first conceived of this day. The senator was worried about the rate of industrialisation and the careless attitude of everyone towards our environment.. that’s the reason why we celebrates earth day on April 22nd.

Why we celebrates earth day ?

Tomorrow is Earth Day 2017 , so it’s the perfect time to start thinking about the planet we live on – and how to save it.

Every year, more than one billion people across the world mark the event by showing support for environmental protection. Festivals, rallies and outdoor events are held in nearly 200 countries – often, with the support of A-list celebrities and political leaders. But why do we celebrate Earth Day? And how is it observed by people globally?



The very first event for Earth Day, which was held in America nearly five decades ago following a devastating oil spill, is credited as the beginning of the modern environmental movement.

Since its launch, Earth Day has been supported by an array of famous faces, including Hollywood stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Emma Watson.

Now it is coordinated globally by the non-profit Earth Day Network, which describes it as “the largest secular holiday in the world”.

Each year, festivals, parades and rallies are held in at least 192 countries to demonstrate support for environmental protection.

The day has its own flag, which was created by US peace activist John McConnell and, perhaps unsurprisingly, features a picture of the world on it.


Although Earth Day has become mainstream, surveys show that environmentalism may be stumbling. According to recent Gallup polls, 42 percent of Americans believe that the dangers of climate change are exaggerated, and less than half say that protection of the environment should be given priority over energy production. But Earth Day is still important because it reminds people to think about humanity’s values, the threats the planet faces and ways to help protect the environment, said Susan Clayton, a professor of psychology and environmental studies at The College of Wooster in Ohio.

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