Boston Marathon 2017 Result / Winners / Live Steam

Boston Marathon 2017 – The annual Boston Marathon is hosted by the cities of Great Boston, Massachusetts, USA. So This Year 121th Boston marathon will be held on 4-17-2017 and we are so excited to share some of the Facts, Tips, Events And Details Of Boston Marathon.

Boston Marathon 2017 Result – Winner List 

Boston Marathon Background –

Boston Marathon Begun in 1897, inspired by the success of the first marathon competition in the 1896 Summer Olympics. Boston marathon is also known as the world oldest marathon racing event in history. It is always held on Patriots’ Day, the third Monday of April. Boston Marathon Is Organized and managed by the Boston Athletic Association (B.A.A.) since 1897.

Boston Marathon 2017

professional  & Amateur and runners from all around the world competes in this event. The event attracts More 500,000 spectators each year with  35,000 registered participants each years.

Boston Marathon 2017 Course – 

Boston Marathon 2017 Result - winners

Here is the full course of Boston marathon 2017 it will start form Hopkinton. Form Hopkinton – Framingham – Natick – Wallesley, Wallesley is the half point of the marathon From Wallesley – Newton – Brokkline And To Boston Which Is The Finished line for Boston Marathon 2017.

Boston Marathon 2017 Starting Time is 10:00 am.

Boston Marathon 2017 Prize Money –


1 $150,000 $150,000
2 75,000 75,000
3 40,000 40,000
4 25,000 25,000
5 15,000 15,000
6 12,000 12,000
7 9,000 9,000
8 7,400 7,400
9 5,700 5,700
10 4,200 4,200
11 2,600 2,600
12 2,100 2,100
13 1,800 1,800
14 1,700 1,700
15 1,500 1,500
TOTAL $353,000 $353,000

Watch Boston Marathon 2017 Live 

Boston Marathon 2017 Live Stream – 

Watch Boston Marathon 2017 Live On  NBC Sports Network And On Youtube. The Link will be provided by us soon.

Boston Marathon Winners List – Result 2017 

The Winners list of Boston marathon will be provided as soon as the race is over so stay tune with us for further updates and news.

Top 10 Facts About Boston Marathon

Here are some of the facts about Boston marathon.

  1. Boston Marathon Draws Over Half a million people in city to watch. That’s Nearly 80% of population In Boston.
  2. Boston Marathon is the oldest marathon in history of united states.
  3. Believe it or not up until 1972 women were excluded from the Boston marathon.
  4. More than 8000 people Volunteer from water to bananas whatever it is there will be 8000 people to help you that’s amazing.
  5. Let’s not forget about Boston Red Sox During every marathon they play a home game at 11 am after the game the fans and players spill out to kenmore square and cheer on all the runners.
  6. You Must Be 18 years old to enter but there’s no limit on how old you can be.
  7. when the race is over at night Boston city hall plaza welcomes runners to chow down on over 11,000 pounds of pasta and unlimited beer.
  8. Winner get an olive wreath made from leaves from Greece And Cash amount around of $150,000.
  9. The Boston Marathon coincides With Patriots day a holiday Massachusetts that commemorates the first battles of Revolutionary War.
  10. 2017 Boston Marathon is predicted to be one of the biggest celebration in marathon history.

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