Best April Fools Pranks Images that can be done by anyone

April fool Pranks 2017 : as we all know, 1st April will be the day of pranks and to made everyone as n00b (fools). we are here together for list of april fool best prank ideas at offices, home, or at school. please note that fooling too much  your friends, mother, father, sister, brother, wife, husband, sun or daughter may harm your relationship 😛

April fool HD Images GIF 2017

Cream Cheese Deodorant Prank

Step one:
find a friends deo, spoon and cream cheese.

Step Two:
Screw bottom thingy, untill the deo pulls out easily.

Step Three:
Add Cream cheese on the bottle and make some natural look by fitting it again and putting random dust and hairs.

Step Four:
Put Deo at its original place and wait for the epic laugh. 😛

Make Your Friends Cry on fools day

Pick onions, add ice cream stick, hover with some chocolate and nutrella and bingo 😛

Wake Up And Get To Work!

Take a picture. Print it. Laminate it. Place it in a large jar. Put the jar in the fridge!

now this is really very scary but epic to do this at home or april fool office pranks. as you can see, put image on jar or laminate it on bottle and place it on a fridge. have a wonderful fool day M’fs.

Best april fool prank for friends

this is really notorious but worth to do it. find some cotton balls, dip freed on water for few minutes and put it on a car or motor cycle. it will stick like a hell.

april fool Toothpaste Oreos prank

well i guess we don’t need to describe anything 😛

April fool pranks office ideas

now this is really hilarious as most of your employees will found themselves n00b after shouting like a hell on printer. best of luck buddies.

April fool prank ideas on kitchen

They’ll probably only notice after they’ve eaten it

April fool pranks for home

April fool Prank With Salmonella

‘None Of These Doors Work’

Some people pay to have this Prank done to their cars

Subtle But Infuriating

No Mug Is Safe

april fool Prank to Friends With Fake Poop

Change the shortcuts in your friend’s phone

Fake Ticket Prank

Tin Foil On Literally Everything Your Friend Own

Prank Your Kids

This is it. i hope you guys like our april fool prank ideas with images. please share with your gang if you want to prank someone. but don’t forgot, do not try to hurt anyone even if it gives you infinite laugh.

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