[Watch] Deadpool 2 Leaked Teaser Trailer On Youtube Full HD

Dead Pool 2 Trailer Leaked – It looks like the teaser for Deadpool 2 has officially leaked, bringing two and half minutes of glorious death and fun. There have been plenty of rumors as to who will be in the Deadpool sequel, but we do know one thing – Ryan Reynolds is definitely in it. see Dead Pool 2 Leaked Trailer at Youtube.

MFW I see a Deadpool 2 has been given a green-light

The best way to sell Deadpool 2 is apparently to mix bare butts with murder. A teaser for the Ryan Reynolds-led sequel to 2016’s anti-superhero surprise hit appeared online Friday afternoon, a leaked clip of a preview that is reportedly airing in theaters before the new Wolverine movie Logan. (Fox has been taking down clips popping up on platforms such as YouTube.)

Watch Deadpool 2 Leaked Teaser Trailer – With Working Youtube Video / Link

The tease serves more as a reminder that Deadpool 2 is coming (and that its title character likes ice cream, as we see Deadpool chowing down on Cherry Garcia ice cream while resting his head on the murdered guy’s corpse) than a reveal of major plot points. But there is a tiny nod to Cable, a.k.a. Nathan Summers, an X-Men character who will appear in Deadpool 2: Graffiti scrawled on the outside of phone booth says, “Nathan Summers comming [sic] soon.” It could possibly be a signal that the character’s casting will soon be announced.

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The trailer starts out with Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) out of his Deadpool costume, as he happens upon an old man being robbed. He jumps into a phone booth and attempts to put on his Deadpool costume – which takes a long time. By time he’s out, the old man is dead. Deadpool apologizes for taking too long to change, lays down on the old man’s body (using him as a pillow) then eats his ice cream.

The teaser jabs irreverently at Superman, who of course is a much more traditional comic book character. Deadpool is seen in a phone booth changing into his uniform, and in the process, he presses his butt cheeks into the glass, giving the audience a gratuitous serving of what is presumably Reynolds’s naked butt. This is all happening while the Superman theme blares in the background. Eventually, Deadpool manages to get into his skintight costume, but by the time he exits the phone booth, it’s too late, and the person he was going to help has already been murdered.

Please Share this post if you loved Watch Deadpool 2 Leak Teaser -The Deadpool sequel was officially announced in April 2016, after its predecessor had the biggest opening day ever for an R-rated film. After being announced, it was detailed that the movie may start filming as soon as early this year. At the time, it was rumored the film could be targeting an October 6, 2017, or January 12, 2018, release.

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