Top 10 New Year 2017 Resolution Ideas – Best Resolutions Like a Boss!

New Year 2K17 Resolution Ideas: New Year is just days away. The year is about to end soon.  The countdown for the New Year has already been started and the preparations for the celebrations will kick off soon.  New Year is all about newness.  It is celebrated on the 1st of January every year marking a start of yet another New Year.

New Year is about making promises and taking resolutions to do better in life.  New Year is celebrated as a festival in many parts of the world.  In few parts of the world, making a resolution itself is a tradition.

People follow the tradition of making resolutions for the New Year.  This is really a good tradition that everyone needs to adopt.  Resolutions always aim at self-improvement.  Many people make resolutions on the New Year day to do better in life with New Year as the start.

New Year 2K17 Resolution Ideas – Best Funny Wishes, Images

Best Resolutions Like a Boss:

  • Make resolutions that actually matter or add things that you actually want to do and can do.
  • Contribute for a Cause.
  • Quit and Addiction.
  • Plan properly and Plan everything.
  • Make backup plans.
  • Point out weak points for each activity and keep them in mind.
  • Talk about it and take help from your friends and family.
  • Take small steps, one at a time.
  • Congratulate and award yourself for achieving a step.
  • Keep motivating yourself.
  • Track your progress.
  • Stick to it until it becomes a habit.
  • Do not quit.

There are many resolutions that people make commonly on the New Year eve.  The most common and top rated resolution that almost every person takes is to work out and stay fit.  Many people stick to the resolution they make till the very end and many other people forget about it the very next day.

If you are thinking what exactly a resolution is, then just read on.  Resolution is nothing but a change.  The change can aim at ourselves, others, our surroundings, country whatnot everything.  Resolutions will make people determined.  They will fill us with the strength to face the challenges of life.

New Year gives a new opportunity to everyone.  That is the reason why people make resolutions to change themselves using the opportunity.   The resolutions vary from person to person depending on the priorities.  If you are looking for a resolution that you want to set for yourself or suggest to someone else then you are at the right place.

Today, we are here with great bunch of Happy New Year 2K17 Resolutions for you.  You can go through each and every resolution to get an idea about what exactly resolution is about.

Happy New Year 2K17 Resolutions:


New Year is soon to ring in. We are very close to the big day and the excitement to celebrate the big day is getting stronger and stronger as the days pass on.  The most important lesson that the old year teaches to every person while leaving is, nothing is constant in the world.

Even the year has to go when the time is up making place for the New Year.  New Year is the change.  It is the time to resolute to become the change.  We should always aim at the change instead of being constant.  We get bored of life if we live the life the same way for ages.

New Year is the right time to welcome that change.  It is the right time to make a strict resolution.  So, we have come up with awesome Happy New Year 2K17 resolutions for you.  Read them and share them with your best buddies on the occasion of New Year.

Funny New Year Resolutions:


  • Look Where you Stand: Take some time and think about the last year resolution made by you. Have you stood by them? If not, better don’t make any new resolution and try to accomplish the incomplete resolution.
  • Make Realistic Resolution: Many people make resolution which appear great on paper or while speaking. However, they are extremely difficult to accomplish. Avoid those kind of resolution. Instead, try to make resolution which you can accomplish.
  • Go Back to School: Learning has no age. If you were not able to complete your studies in past, try to join the school in New year.
  • Be Fit: No one likes to spend so much money on treatment. In new year, try to be fit by doing exercises.
  • Lose the Loan: Loans create headache. If it’s the last installment, pay it and live a peaceful life in New Year.
  • Make a balance between your Professional and Personal life: These days, most of the time people give more time to their professional life rather than the personal life. This is a major reason of things like divorce. Make a resolution of making a balance between your professional and personal life.


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