New Year Gift Ideas for Husband, Wife & Lover – New Year Gift Ideas!

New Year 2K17 Gift Ideas: New Year is in the cards and the celebrations will kick start soon.  New Year marks the end of the old year and start of New Year.  It is the time of celebrations for many. New Year brings great aspirations and hopes into our lives. New Year is one of the biggest celebrations of the year and is celebrated grandly by the people of the world.  It does not just mark the start of a New Year, but there are lots of sentiments that are associated with the New Year.  Usually, people exchange heartfelt blessings with each other on the New Year day.

People wish for the best year ahead on the New Year day.  People wish for lesser disasters and lesser hate for the New Year.  It is the time to wish for the best in life.  It is the time to make resolutions and promises to get better.  New Year is considered as a new beginning by many.  We have to celebrate what we want to see more of this New Year season.  They say New Year is every man’s birthday.  It is nothing but an undeniable truth.  New Year is definitely a new start for everyone.  It is us who need to decide the value of the start.

Happy New Year 2K17 Gift Ideas for Husband:

New Year is a special day for everyone.  It will always be good to receive gifts on a special day.  If you are planning to gift any of your friends or your dear ones on the New Year eve, then make sure to use our collection.

  • Candle Holder With Candle
  • Candles and Choco Basket
  • Choco and Christmas Tree Pouch
  • Gorgeous Cosmetic Hamper
  • Ferrero Rocher Chocolates.

New Year 2K17 Gift Ideas for husband or lover :

  • Exclusively designed leather wallets.
  • Trendy wrist watches.
  • Special signature pens.
  • Shaving combos.
  • Beautifully decorated champagne buckets.
  • Pamper him with chocolates.
  • Personalized Pajamas.
  • Personalized Photo Coasters.
  • Classic Short Sleeve Polos
  • Stylish Digital Cameras
  • Keepsake Photo Clocks.

New Year 2K17 Gift Ideas for Dad :

  • Personalized Family portraits on Canvas
  • Picture frames
  • Personalized stuffed animal
  • Personalized Coffee Mug
  • Tie and Cufflinks
  • Modern Shaving Kit
  • Family Handprint Frame.

Classy bottles of wine :

There is a saying  by Galileo Galilei ” Wine is sunlight held together by a bottle… “. A perfect gift for New Year would be a classy bottle of Old wine. You can make it even special by etching a funny message on them.

Personalized Cakes and Cookies:


It’s a new trend fast catching up. Ordering a cake with your sweetheart picture on it or their favorite cookies baked with their name on it can leave your sweetheart craving for more.

A box of Chocolate:

You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to chocolates.There is an array of chocolates to choose from : Handmade chocolates, fruits and nut chocolates, dark chocolate, milk chocolate. This sinful treat is sure to win the heart of your loved one.

Printed coffee mugs:


Walk into your Darling’s heart by getting your lovely pictures printed on the coffee mugs . He/She’d always think of you whenever having coffee.

Coupe glasses:


Wish Happy New Year with the elegant couple for gifts. You can gift them to your parents or a wonderful couple in a most unforgettable way with a witty message etched on them.

Corporate Gifts:


Corporate gifts can range from a desk clock , an iPad case, or a calendar mouse pad. Gifts can be made more interesting by adding a monogram of the initials of the recipient’s name.



If you can afford a camera, it’ll best gift for New Year 2K17. As you can see, girls first love themselves and they have the courage to capture every beautiful moment of their lives. You can purchase a good quality camera having the mobile phone and don’t ignore its front camera because selfie matters a lot them.

Top & Skirt:

If you will purchase a plane T-shirt or top, there you can print something interesting like her own photo or some impressive lines from you. Fashion is today’s living style, so you can purchase stylish clothes like top, skirt, gown, t-shirt, jeans, jacket etc. or purchase whatever suits to her.

Bag or Purse:

Girls always carry their wallet, bag or purse and that should be fashionable as you noticed. A fashionable leather bag is the best option if your partner prefers.

New Year 2K17 Gift Ideas – Wrist Watch, Bracelet, Ear Rings, ring, Nose ring:

Most of the girls love to use a watch, bracelet, earrings, ring, nose ring etc. and there are several designs available in the market of each of them.


You can’t imagine that how many patterns and designs of heels are available in the market and every girl want a perfect matched heel with her attire. So it can be a better option of New Year2K17 Gift.


If we will talk about Gifts for girls, can’t miss teddy bear. There are almost all girls love Teddy Bear even most of them sleep with a teddy and some love to carry wherever they are gone.


There is nothing better than a good T-shirt because this is the main attire which first reflects. So just imagine which one will suit to your love and just pack your surprise for New Year, definitely, he will impress.

Flower and New Year Greeting Cards:

The trend of giving New Year greeting cards is not new. It has been followed since centuries and it still as meaningful. Wish your loved ones a very Happy New Year with a beautiful greeting card. Also send them some fresh flowers on New Year.

Baskets for New Year:

Greet your loved ones with a basket full of love and affection in this New Year. Gift them a Wine basket for New Year, champagne basket, dry fruits baskets, a Chocolate hamper for New Year and much more.

Trinket Box:

Jewelry makes seem a little too committing, or perhaps a little too expensive. But an elegant jewelry box or an all-purpose box that she can put on her desk to hold her stationeries would make a lovely gift.

Depending on your budget and her taste, you can select a swanky silver box with a motif on the lid, a beautifully carved wooden one or even a simple metal one with clean lines. You may consider having a picture of the two of you put in on the inside of the lid.

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