Rio Olympics Bomb Blast Heard Near Cycling Track

Bomb Blast Heard Near Cycling Track Of?Rio Olympics, Reporter Says

A loud blast was heard near the finishing line of the men`s cycling road race at the Rio Olympics on Saturday but there were no signs of panic or injuries and the race continued, a Reuters witness said.

Bomb squad agents in protective clothing were operating near the press tribune at the site but the cause of the blast was not immediately clear. In recent days, bomb squad members have detonated a number of unattended bags in controlled explosions in Rio.

Rio Olympics Blast

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A bullet has been fired at the equestrian centre at the rio Olympics, narrowly missing a new zealand official,whereas a loud blast was detected on the opposite aspect of the town around a similar time.

The bullet went through the area of a media tent, a new zealand Olympic Committee exponent aforementioned.One News reported the bullet narrowly lost Kiwi press attach? Diana Dobson.

It was understood the bullet was not fired at the tent, however landed on prime of it. It wasn’t clear why it absolutely was laid-off.The shot was laid-off regarding constant time Associate in Nursing explosion was detected at close to the?finish of the sport road race.

Kiwi patron saint flier was collaborating within the race at the time.

Early reports were that the blast was a controlled explosion, dispensed by Rio’s bomb squad once the invention of a suspicious package.Reporters may hear a loud boom on the press apse and felt the bottom shake because the cyclists had regarding?seventy kilometers to travel Saturday.

A half a dozen military police cordoned off the area. nobody was immediately evacuated, and it didn’t seem that anyone was hurt.The race was continued and had not been rerouted.

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